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Grad Transitions & DPA


 Daily Physical Activity


DPA LOG – Requirements

All students in grades 11 and 12 need to complete an average of 150 minutes per week. (Due Nov 23rd, February 22nd and May30th)​

Students registered in PE 11 or 12 or an academy

The log is checked on-line at the end of every term to see if students are meeting these requirements.  There is no need to print out the log and hand it in.
How do I complete my DPA LOG?
  • Please create an account on the Learnnow BC website
  • Instructions and help on using the DPA log can be found here 
​The contact people for Daily Physical Activity 11 (Grad Trans 11) are Ms. Rowley and your Counsellor


 Graduation Transitions Assignments (Grade 12 only)

The Grad Trasitions teachers are:
International Students: Ms. Lum ( )
Surname A - G:   Ms. Ulinder ( )
Surname H – H: Mr. Bruce ( )
Surname P - Z: Mrs. Spencer ( )
Grad Trans is requirement of Graduation in BC.  You will not be able to graduate if the assignments are not completed.

How do I complete my Grad Trans Assignments?
Please open this introductory powerpoint with all the details
1. DPA Log (Due Nov 23rd, February 22nd and May 30th)
  •  150 mins per week, checked at the end of every term
  •   You do not need to print your DPA or hand it in.
2. Resume, Goal Setting, Highschool Planner and Career Spectrum Questionnaires (all to be completed on My BluePrint) and 1st Interview with counsellor (Due Nov.23rd)


3. 30 hours Volunteer or Work Experience  + upload to My Blueprint  (Due February 22nd 2016)    2nd interview with your counsellor (optional)
5. My Blueprint Portfolio completed (including highschool planner, post-secondary planner, goal setting and financial planner) (Due February 23rd 2016)
6.   exit interview + exit survey  (Due May 30th 2016)  Please contact your Grad Trans Counsellor to arrange this.


 Useful Resources