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Internet Search Tools:

  • Aftervote
  • BrainBoost
  • Clusty
  • Google
  • Google Scholar
  • Intute
  • IPL
  • Lii
  • WebBrain
  • Yahoo

     Research Tools



    Web 2.0 Tools

    Locating Resources


    Delicious - Bookmark your favourite sites online so they are available to you anywhere you go.


    Taking Notes and Citing Sources


    NoodleBib - Take notes, make citations and create your bibliography quickly and accurately (Password protected: drop by the library to find out how you can create your own account).


    NoodleBib Express & BibMe - Free online Citation Makers.


    GoogleDocs & Spreadsheets - Store your documents online.


    Zamzar - Convert images, documents, videos, presentations. If you create a document at home and it saves with a .docx you can convert to a doc at school by using Zamzar.


    Digital Storytelling Tools: