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1250 Chartwell Drive
West Vancouver, BC V7S 2R2
T: (604) 981 1130
F: (604) 981 1131 

About Sentinel


School Value Statement
At Sentinel Secondary School we:
  • Demonstrate a love of learning by modeling and encouraging personal excellence
  • Value integrity
  • Treat everyone with Dignity, Honesty, and Compassion
  • Behave in a collaborative and consistent manner
  • Are proud to be a safe, caring and inclusive community
School Motto
Summis Cum Animis
(with the greatest possible spirit)
Principal: Michael Finch
Vice-Principal: Rebecca Rowley

Vice-Principal: Kathy Grant
Exec Assistant: Janet Gardner
Liaison Trustees:
Enrollment: 1,126
Grades: 8-12
1250 Chartwell Drive,
West Vancouver, BC,
V7S 2R2
Phone: (604) 981-1130
Fax: (604) 981-1131