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Graduation Requirements and Guidelines for Course Selection


Students select their courses in Term II for the following school year. Based on student requests, the timetable is created and staffing decisions are made. Students must choose courses carefully, as it is sometimes not possible for timetable changes to be made during the new school year.

Students in Grades 8-10 are required to take a minimum of eight courses.



Grade 8 Courses
English Language Arts 8
Social Studies 8
Mathematics 8
Science 8
Physical Education 8
French 8 or Spanish 8
Fine Arts 8 or Music 8
Applied Skills 8


Grade 9 Courses
English Language Arts 9
Social Studies 9
Mathematics 9
Science 9
Physical Education 9
French 9 or Spanish 9
Fine Arts Elective
Applied Skills Elective
Grade 10 Courses
English Language Arts 10
Social Studies 10
Mathematics 10
Science 10
Physical Education 10
Planning 10
French 10 or Spanish 10 
​Personal Project 10
Note: Students receive 4 credits upon completion of each of the courses listed above. A Fine Arts or Applied Skills elective is required in Grades 10, 11, or 12.
A Dogwood Diploma is earned by students meeting the graduation requirements.
Graduation Program (Provincial) Examinations are written in June (please note the weighting of exams below). Students enrolled in a provincially examinable Grade 12 subject in their Grade 11 year will have the option of rewriting the Provincial exam in January or June of their Grade 12 year (the school % remains the same).
Students who fail examinable subjects may:
  • Repeat the course and challenge the examination again, or
  • Rewrite the examination (within 12 months) without repeating the course in which case the school mark will stand and will be combined with their higher examination mark.


The Evergreen Certificate (previously called the School Completion Certificate) is awarded to students who complete the modified goals and objectives stated in their Student Learning Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP), as agreed upon by the student, parent and school representative. The Learning Centre staff monitors progress. Students on the Evergreen Certificate program participate fully in all graduation and commencement activities. Post-secondary training and bridging programs at colleges and other agencies are available to these students upon graduation with this certificate.

Post-Secondary Institution Eligibility
Students should be aware that graduation from high school does not automatically guarantee entrance to a specific post-secondary institution or program. Students are responsible for investigating post-secondary institution requirements.


80 credits (equivalent to 20, 4-credit courses) required for graduation. Grade 10-12 courses count towards graduation.


Please CLICK HERE​​ to see the Ministry of Education Grad Planner

Required Courses (48 credits, 4 credits each)
    • Language Arts 10 (EN 10)
    • Language Arts 11 (EN 11 or COM 11)
    • Language Arts 12 (EN 12 or COM 12)
    • Social Studies 10
    • Social Studies 11 or Canadian Civics 11
    • Science 10
    • Science 11 or 12
    • Mathematics 10
    • Mathematics 11 or 12
    • Physical Education 10
    • Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12
    • Planning 10*
    • Grad Transition**
*Planning 10 focusses on planning, career development, healthy decision-making, financial literacy, and portfolio planning. As part of teh Planning 10 course, students learn about and consider eight possible focus areas.

**Students will introduced to the Grad Transitions in Planning 10. Students must complete 30 hours of work or volunteer experience as part of the required Grad Transitions.​

Elective Courses (28 additional credits)
    • ​S​​​tudents select courses to support their career and educational plans (e.g. university, college, vocational, technical, apprenticeship, entry to the workforce)

Minimum of 4 Grade '12' courses (16 credits) of Ministry and/or Board/Authority-Authorized (BAA) courses at Grade 12 level, including a Language Arts 12 course for 4 credits. There is no limit to the number of Board/Authority-Authorized course credits that count as elective credits towards graduation.
Physical Education 10 is required for all students. To graduate students are also required to meet a provincial standard of physical activity and be assessed in other health-related areas. Students who do not take a PE course or are not in the Super Achiever program, must complete as a Ministry requirement 150 minutes per week of Daily Physical Activity​.

All public post-secondary courses will count towards graduation requirements.


Students are required to write 5 Graduation Program Exams:
  • ​Grade 10 Language Arts (20%); Grade 10 Science (20%); Grade 10 Mathematics (20%)
  • Grade 11 Social Studies (20%); Canadian Civics (20%); First Nations 12
  • Grade 12 Language Arts course (EN 12 or COM 12) (40%)
As was previously expected or made optional, no other courses have Provincial exams.