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5350 Headland Drive
West Vancouver, BC V7W 3H2
T: (604) 981 1300
F: (604) 981 1301

Rockridge Bleachers Legacy Project 2012

Many thanks to the parents and businesses who have contributed to our Bleachers/Legacy project. With your contributions, we are now able to build the bleachers in its full entirety and our School District has been given the "green light" to build them over the summer! If you have made a contribution for plaque recognition, please check the list below to make sure your name is on our list. We want to make sure no forms were lost in the backpacks. If your name does not appear, please email

Akkor, Dr. Sueda

Armes, Jonas

Backman-Choo Family

Barnes Family

Baumgartner Family

Bell Family

Benson, Tyler

Bethune Family

Bonney Family

Broadbent Family

Cai, Lihui

Cameron, H. Family

Cameron, Laura

Cameron, Lucy

Cameron, Sean

Charlwood, Bianca

Christiansen Family

Chrystal, Gavin

Chrystal, Jaimie


Ciaran Beveridge

Claridge Family

Coleman, Evan

Coleman, Miles

Dann Family

Dodson Family

Dom Family

Donahue Lan Family

Fawley Family

Fleckenstein Family

Fonseca Family

Friends of Rockridge

Gibson, Nicole

Gill, Mike

Gritten Family

Haglund Family

Hamilton Family

Hawkins Family

Henderson, Blake

Ives Family

Ji Family

Klimek Family

Kyriazis Family

Launhardt-Nabahat Family

Leeners, James

Leopold, Leif

Li, Yundi

Lions Bay Community News

Lynch-Neal, Emma

Lyons Family

Macdonald Trucking and Excavating Ltd.

Malek, Shirin

Malekyazdi, Alex

Mathieson, Jordan

McIver Family

McKilligan Family

Moss Family

Mullins Family

Nagle Family

Negrin Family

Neocleous, Penelope

Nonni Family

O'Dwyer Family

Pez, Mikayla

Pezeshki Rad,Paradise

Pharmasave Caulfeild Village

Pomerantz Family

Pynn Family

Renzoni Family

Richardson, D. Family

Richardson, N. Family

Rockridge Student Council

Schmid Family

Schulhof Family

Schultze Family

Senoner Family

Serbic, Nikolas

Shuparski Family

Sielski Family

Singleton Family

Singleton, Ryan

Smith, Chris J.T.

Snap Financial

Steiro Family

Stephenson Family

Stieb, Joseph

Stout Family

Strang, Emily

Subway Restaurant -Caulfeild

Swartz, Madison

Taylor-Robins, Chase

Taylor-Robins, Spencer

Tejpar Family

Telford Family

Titcomb, Dustin

Trimble Family

Tsavdaris Family

Tyab Family

Ulveland Family

Wallner Family

Wang, James Linpu

Warke Family

Wayrynen, Skyla

Webb, Sean

Weymark-Lee Family

Wharton, Liam

Winkler Family

Yan, Hao Henry

Yates Family

Zhang Family