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Citations are formatted differently depending on the source you are using. You can get help formatting your citations by clicking on the links below.
Noodle Bib Citation Tool
Noodle Bib - note taking software combined with citation and bibliography composer. You will need a user name and password to sign in. More information is available at the library circulation desk. Step by step instructions for creating a Works Cited list using Noodle Bib are available on this page under the heading Help with Noodle Bib. Click on "Creating a Works Cited List"


Click HERE​ to get instructions on how to create footnotes using MS Word and Noodlebib.

How To Videos and Print Instructions for NoodleBib Users
Creating a Noodle Bib Account 
Creating a Drop Box: Instructions for Teachers
Submitting Work to a Teacher's Drop Box: Instructions for Students
Creating a Works Cited List  (print)

Collaborating on a Project  (print)

Attributing Copyright Friendly Images
Credit Lines for Images
Locating Copyright Friendly Images
  • Let Two Golden Rules Guide Your Publishing Career:
    • If you are using an image, you must have the author's permission (license to use is permission), and you must give credit to the author. 
    • If you are using an image of a person, you must have the author's permission, give credit to the author of the photo, and YOU MUST GET PERMISSION FROM THE SUBJECT OF THE PHOTO.

Here are some fabulous sources where you can find copyright friendly images:

  • Flickr - Search for copyright friendly images licensed under Creative Commons
  • Advanced Image Search (scroll down the page to the "Usage Rights" box and click on "free to use or share.")


 Note Taking Templates