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West Vancouver, BC V7V 4C4
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Notre mission: est d'inspirer les élèves à atteindre leur potentiel intellectuel, physique, artistique et social par le biais d'un environnement bilingue qui éduque et motive les élèves tout en incluant l'importance de la culture francophone.
Our mission: is to inspire students to achieve their intellectual, physical, artistic and social potential through a bilingual environment that nurtures and motivates students while embracing the importance of the francophone culture.

Mar 11, 2016

What did learning look like in term 2 at PJ?

Posted by Chantal Trudeau
Feb 26, 2016

"What Does Pink Shirt Day Mean to Me?" A blog series by Grade 6 and 7 students

Posted by Chantal Trudeau

​Here we have it, the last instalment in the blog series on Pink Shirt Day, from Samia Trottier, a Grade 7 student in Division 6!

The simple fact that this event started almos ten years ago and is still happening now shows how much this day means to everybody and how much it makes a change. There are so many cases of bullying around the world and if two teenage guys stood up for a bullied boy and it created an international anti-bullying symbol, imagine what would happen if everybody stood up for kids in their school.

Feb 25, 2016

"What Does Pink Shirt Day Mean to Me?" A blog series by Grade 6 and 7 students

Posted by Chantal Trudeau

​It was wonderful to see so many students wearing pink yesterday for Pink Shirt Day! There were celebrations in classrooms and on the playground! See some photos and highlights on Twitter @chantaltrudeau

Today's article was written by Heidi Wilson in Division 3.

Pink Shirt Day is one day a year, a mere twenty-four hours, but it has a special meaning, not only to me, but also to millions of other people across the globe. To me, Pink Shirt Day means showing people around the world that they aren't alone with their problems. That there is always someone to talk to, to help you and support you. There is nothing worse than feeling all alone in the world and that no one understands you. Being bullied can ruin your life, as it already has done for many others. Pink Shirt Day also means letting those people who are the bullies know that what they are doing is wrong, and telling all those people who have watched someone being bullied and just stood there to speak up and stand up for the person who is getting picked on.