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4685 Keith Road
West Vancouver, BC V7W 2M8
T: (604) 981 1200
F: (604) 981 1201

  • Exploration Day is Friday, April 29

    ​Come explore IDEC learning 9-10am on Friday.

    We offer a chance to tour with our students and learning more about our program. Not only an excellent community school, see how our students are using Google Classroom, becoming digital artists and how their creative, critical, and collaborative thinking sets them on the path for future success.

    Come be part of the Caulfeild community.


Caulfeild iDEC Mission Statement​
We are a community of curious and respectful learners engaged in meaningful inquiry in a digitally enhanced environment.
and Personal Excellence in all we do.

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 10 Minutes


Feb 22, 2016

Going to the Paris Climate Change Talks

Posted by Craig Cantlie

This is a post from Caulfeild student Tyger Stafford about her trip to the Climate Conference in Paris. One student's journey as a Global Citizen.

Feb 10, 2016

Flexible Learning Spaces

Posted by Craig Cantlie

​Over the course of the past year we have been engaged in conversations around Learning Environments with staff, students and parents. As part of that conversation one of our parents, Andrea Benton, shares her thoughts.

Feb 01, 2016

Our One Word: Create

Posted by Craig Cantlie

The one word challenge was set by Chris Kennedy a month ago. It has taken me a little time to put my thoughts down but my one word is Create. This year I will be working to create opportunities for professional learning, innovative learning environments and a strong sense of community.


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