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December 15
Fall 2011 By The Numbers


When I was hired as District 45’s Elementary Digital Literacy Support teacher, I knew the job was going to be challenging and fun – just the sort of thing I love! Well, I’ve now been in the job for awhile and I thought I’d look back and see how things have gone.
So, without further ado, here is Fall 2011, by the numbers!
3 – the number of months I’ve had this job. I still remember the night I found I’d gotten the job and how excited I was! This is exactly the kind of job I’ve been dreaming of. People keep asking me how I like the job and I have to say, even on the most challenging days (and there have been a few) I can still truthfully say that I LOVE my job!

10 – the number of schools I’ve been to visit. I have now been to see all the elementary schools except Bowen Island (sorry Bowen, I’ll see you in January) and one primary school.

66 – the number of classrooms I’ve been to visit. Every classroom has been different and I have learned something new in every one. While each classroom lesson has started off in a similar way and with a similar goal in mind, every lesson has followed its own unique path, guided by the needs of the students and teachers. We have blogged, commented, networked, categorized, linked, embedded, inserted, and added. We have discussed audience, purpose, conventions and ethics. And most important of all, we’ve had FUN while doing it all.
40 – roughly the number of district administrators who have seen a group of my Grade 7 students demonstrating some of the educational applications of the dashboard. Many of the administrators expressed appreciation for being able to watch the dashboard in action; several said it was the best Pro-D they had attended in a while.
80 – the average number of minutes I’ve spent in each classroom. While that’s longer than most intermediate classes last, it barely feels like enough time to rush through all the things the kids want to learn!
1,600 – roughly the number of students I have taught in the last 3 months. From the jaded 12 year old who smiled ear to ear when he learned to embed video in his blog to the shy 10 year old whose blogs amazed me, I have enjoyed spending time with all of them. There’s nothing like coming into a classroom and having the kids cheer because they get to use computers with you!
112 – the number of entries in the November Blog-a-thon challenge.
40 – the current number of entries (as of December 15th) in the December blog-a-thon.
Immeasurable – the number of thank yous I’ve been given from students who enjoyed learning about blogging and were excited about having their own dashboard website. The number of thank yous I received from teachers who learned something new about the dashboard or felt that they better understood the educational purpose of the dashboard and the place that blogging could have in their classroom.
The next big number looming on the horizon? 5,000. That’s the number of blogs we are hoping our students will create in January, 2012. I’ll keep you posted!


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