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April 22
Is it the End of April Already?

I am embarrassed to admit that, as the leader of one of the most technologically advanced schools in our district, I have not found the time to keep up my blog.  It is not that I haven’t had the opportunity to find inspirational content or anecdotes which would lead to fantastic educational metaphors.  It is not that my staff hasn’t worked tirelessly to continue to create an awesome program from scratch. It is simply time, habit, and desire!  I’m impressed with my Superintendent, Chris Kennedy, who blogs regularly and who is much busier than I (younger, too, and I suspect that is part of it… my age not his).  Partly it’s who really wants to read anything I write?


A parent who noticed my lack of content (I guess someone reads it) sent me an email asking if she could be a guest blogger on my site.  Therefore, thanks to Andrea Benton for her encouragement and for her support, here are her thoughts on our iDEC program.


Why I Support and Encourage Technology in My School: A Parent’s POV


Guest post by Andrea Benton, @weebootMom on Twitter
Educational technology is a hot topic in schools these days. If your school has tech, questions are raised about how much technology is used and is it used appropriately. If your school doesn’t have technology, is your school considered behind and are the students missing out?
It’s tough for a school to find the balance between tech and teaching but from what I have seen at Caulfeild School, the teachers are finding the right balance through the iDEC (Inquiry-based Digitally Enhanced Community) program.
Take for example, the visual arts teacher, Melissa Naccarato. She is using technology to teach visual arts. She has shown her students how to critically analyze images and then had them create their own visual presentation using technology. This is a fantastic example of learning how to encourage students to critically think and consider the world around them. (I learned about critical thinking much later in life and would have benefited from being exposed to it at an earlier age.)
In my case, my son has increased his math skills through the program, Dreambox Learning. He first played it at school, and has been improving his math skills ever since.
Some people believe that technology shouldn’t be in schools. For me, this is short sighted. Schools shouldn’t be teaching for today but should be educating students for the jobs of tomorrow. This includes project management, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration. Technology is here to stay and it is only getting more complicated.
But what about the basics of education - reading, writing and arithmetic, will these be replaced? Not likely. Sure they might change slightly but everyone needs to sign their name, read the online privacy statement they consent to and understand that if they purchase 5 apps at $1.99, it costs $9.95 (excluding taxes.) J
So it’s for all of the above reasons that I support and encourage technology in my school. Alright, now let it rip! Do you support tech in your school or if not, let me know at or on Twitter @weebootMom.


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