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Eagle Harbour News > Posts > Montessori Education is 21st Century Learning
January 08
Montessori Education is 21st Century Learning

Every day at Eagle Harbour our students are highly engaged in learning that is so 21st century! Montessori education is everything we want for learners today. To quote principal research scientist, Andrew McAfee: Montessori Builds Innovators! (Harvard Business Review, 2011)

This past week our youngest students learned how to complete and follow their own individual work plans. Students learned that they can follow their own personal areas of interests but that there are some “must dos” at the same time. Each student’s plan closely follows his/her individual progress. It was a real opportunity to discuss what we “want” to do and what we “need” to do and teach our students how to balance both.

Our older students are working on individual research projects while collaborating with peers at the same time. The topic of conversation amongst the students this week was how to present their findings….using Keynote on an ipad? making a print booklet? constructing a model? using art material? making a movie? using Power Point on a PC? Students are encouraged to pursue their ideas, seeking assistance as they need it. In a Montessori classroom, students learn that their ideas have merit. Early on students at Eagle Harbour learn that staff   are available to assist them in their inquiries and that they can move freely about as long as they conduct themselves with respect, grace and courtesy.  

Montessori teachers are specially trained to manage a myriad of individual student interests and needs. Groupings of students are flexible and always fluctuating depending on student need and interest. Learning communities form naturally in the Montessori environment. Fortunately, Montessori classrooms are equipped with materials to assist in making personalized learning possible. Last Friday, one of our students reported that his teacher needed a break as the teacher had been doing presentations all day non-stop! Our students take responsibility for the direction of the learning and our teachers work diligently to provide lessons on request. Nevertheless, EH students learn there’s always time in a busy day to pull out the addition and subtraction strip boards and fit in some work memorizing rote facts.


It’s not hard to see why Montessori is an example of the new culture of learning!


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